Annual general meeting 2017

In 2018, we will have our 30-year-anniversary and already plan a bigger annual general meeting than we normally do. Therefore, we will only have a one day meeting this year, the 21st of October.

Only a week after we will have the 5th International L-Number-Days taking place in Hannover and a month afterwards the 1st Salmler-Symposium will happen. A short weekend is convenient for us this time.

The event will take place in the fish installation at Aqua-Haus. We are very lucky that Mike SCHNEIDER, the owner will receive us in his shop, which offers the perfect ambiance for our meeting. Of course, we will have enough time to check out his fishes and his new installation. Furthermore, two talks are being planned.

Since we only have a program for one day this year, is not necessary to stay overnight, but some of us will arrive the Friday before and everybody who wants to join is very welcome to do so. The Hotel “Dülmener Hof” is located nearby and in a distance of only 500 m from the Aqua-Haus, offers reasonably priced rooms and has already been “tested” by other fish geeks.

I blocked some rooms for us until 10 th of September, everybody joining the event can use one of these with the keyword “IG BSSW”. Please leave me a message, so we can arrange the aula where the talks will take place in advance:

The agenda, official invitation and more will follow in the next BSSW-Report. Any questions that can’t wait for the Report? Let me know:

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