BSSW Spezial

“BSSW Spezial” issues of the L-number days (which are also available in English) can be ordered via the shop of the L-number days homepage. The other older issues might be out of stock. In some circumstances the author, our CEO or the coordinators of the fish groups might have some issues left.

1. BSSW Spezial: Maulbrütende Harnischwelse

2. BSSW Spezial: Die Schmerlen der Insel Sri Lanka

3. BSSW Spezial: Aspidoras

4. BSSW Spezial: 1. Internationale L-Wels-Tage (Hannover 2009)

5. BSSW Spezial: 2. International L-Number Days (Hannover 2011)

6. BSSW Spezial: 3. International L-Number Days (Hannover 2013)

7. BSSW Spezial: 4. International L-Number Days (Hannover 2015)

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