T-Shirts 2021

There is a new BSSW shirt, the 2021 Edition.

Originally this shirt was intended for the foundation of RG Italy in April 2020, which is why this time we can come up with an Italian designer who put the shirt together for us and put barbel tetra loach catfish in the right focus.
We ordered the following sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

One shirt incl. packaging+shipping within Germany costs 25 EUR.
A shirt incl. packaging+shipping within the EU costs 27 EUR.

As always, we are interested in sending several shirts together in order to optimise shipping and save costs and are therefore open to collective orders. We will then have to clarify the corresponding shipping costs separately for each order, in which case one T-shirt will be 22 €.

Please send orders and questions to: geschaeftsfuehrer@ig-bssw.org

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