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What is IG BSSW e.V.?

IG BSSW e.V. was founded on November 8, 2008 in Lehrte (Sievershausen district) as the successor organisation to the VDA working group “BSSW”. We are an association of aquarists with a special interest in the care and breeding of barbs and danios, tetras, loaches and catfish. Apart from the intensive aquaristic occupation with these animals, the scientific observation of the various species is also part of our self-chosen field of activity.

IG BSSW e.V. is an independent ideal association. It operates selflessly and pursues charitable purposes and goals. We want to increase the knowledge of the fish groups in our care through national and international contacts with aquarists and scientists and promote the dissemination of the fish groups in aquaristics and science through breeding and exchange of fish. We also respect animal welfare and refuse to maintain genetically modified fish species or fish species showing signs of torture breeding in aquaria.

What benefits can our members expect from us?

First of all, every member receives the “BSSW Report” four times a year. This is our newsletter, in which members not only report about their fish and their experiences in keeping and breeding these animals, but where tips and tricks in aquarium technology or knowledge about fish food and its production are also passed on to the other readers. Articles about events can also be found here.

Equally important are the reports on organisational matters within our association. Furthermore, the “BSSW-Report” serves as a contact exchange between the members. Here you have the opportunity to place exchange and purchase advertisements or simply make contact with other aquarists who keep the same species of fish.

In addition, special issues on special topics are published at irregular intervals. In these special issues, more intensive reports on smaller fish groups are published, which sometimes have a more scientific character.

Within the framework of our association, members are provided with the necessary knowledge and information for their hobby through the above-mentioned media in words and pictures. In addition, they are kept up to date on scientific findings and publications.

If necessary, the four coordinators of the individual fish groups help the members directly/indirectly, refer them to appropriate specialists in their own ranks or to experts or scientists with whom our association cooperates.

However, the exchange of experiences among the members is particularly important. This takes place at the annual members’ meetings and annual conferences as well as via the “BSSW Report”, but preferably at the meetings of the individual regional groups, which take place at regular intervals and at which members can exchange their experiences and problems with each other. Lectures with various media round off the information on offer.

The annual membership fee for our association is currently 30.00 Euros. This includes the quarterly subscription to the “BSSW Report”. In addition, a one-off admission fee of 5.00 euros is payable on joining the association.

Further information about the IG BSSW e.V. and the regional groups, as well as their events, can be found here on our homepage. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our board members.

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