Overview of the regional groups and dates

Due to size and internationality of the IG BSSW it is not possible to arrange periodic meetings for all members. The ways to travel would be too far and also the expenses of our members would be way to high.

Nevertheless the IG BSSW wants to stay close to its members. Therefore our association is organized in regional groups. That way we can realize our claim of providing the chance to as many members as possible to active cooperation. A lively, regular and productive cooperation within the regional groups is the main base for the success of our organization.

Each regional group does have its own voluntary head who organizes the meetings and speakers as well as he serves as contact person for all your questions. This way each group has its own dynamic and program. Some groups cooperate with other big organizations like the Freaky Fish Club (FFC) or the “Internationale Gemeinschaft für Labyrinthfische” (IGL). But there also are many cooperations with smaller and more local associations. So the meetings are open not only to members of the IG BSSW but also to all interested hobbyists.

At the meeting the speakers usually are expert members talking about specific subjects. The meetings provide a perfect platform for exchanging experiences. Participation is free. However, a little financial support for the acquisition of the next speakers is always welcome.

There is no regional group in your country or region? – Establish your own one! We are very happy about every new regional group and always love to support establishing a new one. All you need is a decent location as well as some friends and other hobbyists that attend and maybe speak at your meetings.
If you are interested in establishing a regional group please contact the chairman or the executive board.

On the following pages you will find the heads and contact persons, upcoming events as well as all relevant information to each regional group.

Overview over all locations of regional groups

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Overview over all BSSW-relevant dates of the upcoming 12 months

  • 4. December 2021, 18:00, RG Fulda @ Jägerhaus (Bronzeller Str. 8, 36043 Fulda):
    Thema offen, Ernst Schmidt, Vortrag und Weihnachtsfeier

  • 11. December 2021, 20:00, RG Sachsen @ Niederhermsdorfer Hof (Oberhermsdorfer Str. 1, 01705 Freital):
    Gemeinsamer Bowlingabend

  • 17. December 2021, 19:30, RG Nord @ Gaststätte "Am Sportplatzring" (Sportplatzring 47, 22527 Hamburg):
    "Wer hat Angst vorm Weihnachtsmann?", Hans-Georg Evers, Vortrag

  • 18. December 2021, 19:30, RG Nordbayern @ Sport- und Speisegaststätte SV Unterreichenbach (Volkachstr. 11, 91126 Schwabach):
    "Reisebericht Ecuador", Ernst Schmidt, Vortrag und Weihnachtsfeier

  • 14. May 2022, ganztägig, RG Fulda @ Jägerhaus (Bronzeller Str. 8, 36043 Fulda):
    WAT (Welsarterhaltungstag) 2022

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