Fish Groups

Mesonoemacheilus triangularis (DAY 1865)

taken from report 01/2018

The genus Mesonoemacheilus contains quite attractive loaches, of which the species M. triangularis, M. guentheri and M. petrubanarescui have been imported so far. A short compilation with illustrations of the species can be found in SEIDEL (2012). M. triangularis, for which the name Batik loach has been established, is probably the most attractive species of the genus. Continue reading

Pseudacanthicus sp. “L 79”

The next issue of the BSSW-Report (03-2020) will cover a species of Pseudacanthicus, that really provoked some discussions and exclamations in the hobby lately. Therefore, it only seems legit to republish a short piece about a species of similar interest from a former Report (03-2019). Continue reading

Vermehrung von Corydoras pantanalensis geglückt

Die folgenden Ausführungen wurden von unserem Mitglied Regina SPOTTI vor einiger Zeit online in einer Gruppe von Panzerwelsfreunden zur Verfügung gestellt. Da dort aber alles nur auf Englisch lesbar und der Zugang beschränkt ist, dachten wir uns, dieser Ort sei ideal für eine deutsche Version. Continue reading

Hypancistrus cf. margaritatus “L 136c”

Neither the species nor the particularly attractive form treated here, which became known in aquaristics with the addition “c”, is something really new. In the last two to three years, however, there have been some changes in selection and linebreeding, which is why a particularly beautiful specimen is presented here. Continue reading

Thayeria obliqua

In contrast to its close relative Thayeria boehlkei, Thayeria obliqua is only rarely found in trade. The third species of the genus Thayeria ifati is even rarer. I have not seen it myself yet, which might be due to its endemism in the rivers of Maroni and Approuague in French Guyana, from where no exports can be realized. The fourth, recently described species Thayeria tapajonica MOREIRA & LIMA, 2017 originating from Rio Tapajós in Brazil is not in trade either. Continue reading

Ein wissenschaftlich neuer Trugdornwels: Spinipterus moijiri

In der Familie der Trugdornwelse (Auchenepteridae) wurde im November 2019 eine neue Art beschrieben, die in der Aquaristik bereits länger bekannt ist: Der „Otorongo-Trugdornwels“ heißt jetzt Spinipterus moijiri. Continue reading