Cancellation of the 7th International L-Number-Days

The L-Number-Days days planned for mid-October will unfortunately not take place this year.

The board of IG BSSW e.V. and the planning team have agreed to cancel the event for this year. Under the current circumstances it is not possible to plan an event of this size and with such an outstanding international character.

Even though we have already heard from many former participants that they were very much looking forward to the event, we are sorry to have to cancel it now. Flights would have to be booked early and possibly even holidays would need to be planned. But we cannot give any guarantee that we would not be forced to cancel the event shortly before. We do not want our participants and ourselves to undergo this uncertainty for weeks and months.

Our decision is underlined by the fact that even if the event were to be legally approved, it could not take place in the usual relaxed manner and in the familiar atmosphere, but under currently unknown conditions that would have to followed by everybody. Furthermore, at this point it is not foreseeable whether we would even want to hold such an event in October from a health point of view.

As soon as we can say more about the new date of the 7th International L-Number-Days, we will inform you immediately.

So long, all the best!


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