IG BSSW at the Exhibition of the Aquarien- und Terrarienfreunde Hohenlohe e.V.

An aquarium exhibition took place in Bretzfeld from May 13th to May 16th 2016 with participation of the IG BSSW e.V. Setup began on May 9th and the removal took until May 17th.

AufbauThe members of our group that participated were: Ralf Heidemann, Matthias Vogl, Ernst Schmidt, Matthias Schneider, Karsten Schönherr, and Wulf Warbende.

It turned out to be a great event and our own contribution had great attendance. Some of the guests did, however, have to spend quite some time searching for fish because they typically were not apparent at first sight. We presented a lot of information to guests about the four groups of fish we deal with and received a lot of praise for it.

Matthias Vogl presented barbs in a very well furnished tank. They were, unfortunately, very secretive once anyone was approaching the tank, and many visitors did not take the time to wait. But once visitors were advised to stand in a corner and peek through the sides of the tank, they could observe the fish emerging from their hideouts. This prove to be a lot of fun for many guests.

StandKarsten Schönherr was excited every time he could inform a knowledge thirsty guest about his catfish. This was yet another tank that required searching for fish. Some catfish were so well camouflaged that they were hardly discernible, while others were hiding among the plentiful driftwood in the tank.

The loach aquarium contained hillstream loaches and it was the children in particular that were excited about them. But here, too, the fish were predominantly hiding among the decoration. The guests did not give up, however, and searched until they found one.

MitgliederFinally, we had a tank with lemon tetras and catfish. This long known species was very popular among the visitor as well and people agreed that this species can be very impressive. That is not always the case with fish obtained from the local fish store. Our “lemons”, however, prove to be best examples of their species.

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