L 267 described as Ancistrus yanesha

The Ancistrus species L267, already presented by Claus SCHAEFER in the DATZ in 1998, has now been described by NEUHAUS et al. in the current issue of the Journal of Fish Biology (DOI: 10.1111/jfb.15637) as Ancistrus yanesha.

The species, which lives in the Rio Palcazú in the Pachitea-Ucayali river system, is characterised by a pattern of markings that is quite unusual for Ancistrus and unique to date, making it easy to identify: four parallel lines running along the body. The species was named after the Yanesha, an ethnic group that lives in the rainforests of Peru. The species is occasionally imported from Peru so that it is available for the aquarist (see also Ancistrus sp. “L 267” Pozuzo at Aquarium Glaser). It grows to around 12 cm and is also kept and bred by members of our organisation: reproduction is comparable with other Ancistrus species of the same type and is easily possible in the aquarium.

Text: Achim WERCKENTHIN – Pictures: Ole PAULSEN