Structure of email addresses

For easier communication we set up some Email-addresses for our functionary.

The addresses to the “function” are simply forwarded to normal addresses of the functionary.

[private role=”subscriber” alt=”To see the full article, you need to be a logged in member of the IG BSSW.“]Independently, every functionary -not the heads of the regional groups – can be reached through his personal address. All these are put together the same way: <forename>.<surname>

Email address Function Actual functionary IG chairman Daniel Konn-Vetterlein CEO Wulf Warbende CFO Fabian Deuschle Administrator Christian Braun Youth coordination Karl Schwamm Coordination barbs Matthias Vogl Coordination tetras Eckhard Fischer Coordination loaches Hans Beiderbeck Coordination catfish Erik Schiller Head of RG Aachen Thorsten Engelberg Head of RG Berlin Florian Lahrmann Head of RG Holland Jacqueline Heijmen-Benett Leaver Head of RG Lower Saxony Armin Senger Head of RG Mecklenburg Peter Debold Head of RG North Michael Berg Head of RG Northern bavaria Christian Braun Head of RG Rhein-Main Matthias Vogl Head of RG Saxony Matthias Lammel Head of RG Southern bavaria Josef Lochner Head of RG West Günter Büsdorf

We set up these mailing lists for easier communication:

Email address Actual recipient Chairman
CFO Executive board (Vorstand)
Heads of the fish groups
Editors Ingo Seidel
Andreas Tanke Chairman
CEO All coordinators of the fish groups all heads of the regional groups


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