Again and again: “L 56”

Constantly one encounters the designation “L 56” in stock lists, in shops as well as in many many lists of aquarists. This refers to Parancistrus aurantiacusthe “Golden Broad-headed Sucker Catfish”, but this species does not have an L-number and should never have been given one, because it was scientifically described by CASTELNAU in 1855 and therefore does not fall under the fish numbers were given to: a species that is indeterminable at the time of number assignment and therefore “deserves” an L-number. Continue reading

RG Nordbayern: RG-Besuch am Rio Xingu

Samstag der 17.1.2015 war angebrochen und wie fast jeden 3. Samstag im Monat ging es wieder auf in die Gaststätte Kirchberger. Dieses Mal hatte sich Daniel Konn-Vetterlein, Vorsitzender der IG BSSW, mit seinem Bericht “Nah dran am Damm – 500 km unterwegs auf dem Rio Xingu” aka „Neues aus Brasilien … mit Blick in’s Labor“ angekündigt.

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