Tetra Symposium 2022

The tetra symposium has always been held in Ahrbergen in Lower Saxony (Germany), which is the way it used to be. This time, however, you can even attend from home. On 12th and 13th of November, there will be lectures on tetras as part of a digital symposium. The focus will be on the smaller species that can also be kept and bred well in the aquarium. The lectures on Saturday will be held in English, or even bilingually. Sunday will be held in German as usual.

To participate: As with past BSSW formats, the event will be run via the societies’ own Zoom account. We will send out the access links at the beginning of November. The number of participants is limited to 100. To give members an advantage, we will first announce the access link internally only, and the room will open earlier for members. Shortly before the start, it will also be open to non-members.

November 12, 2022
3.45 pm (CET)   Opening and “Moin zusammen”
4.00 pm (CET) Steven Chester “Breeding Cardinals and Rummynose Tetras” (EN)
5.00 pm (CET) Achim Werckenthin Tyttocharax tambopatensis – little runabouts in the aquarium” (DE & EN)
5.30 pm (CET) Jeremy Basch “Collecting tetras in the wilds of Colombia” (EN)
6.15 pm (CET)   open end
November 13, 2022
4.45 pm (CET) Stefan Körber “Salmler Argentiniens” (DE)
(“Tetras from Argentina”)
5.30 pm (CET) Daniel Konn-Vetterlein “Die Salmler der JBL-Kolumbienexpedition” (DE)
(“Tetras of the JBL-Expedition to Colombia”)
6.15 pm (CET) Carsten Zupp “Erfahrungen mit Moenkhausia lopesi und Hyphessobrycon aff. sweglesi” (DE)
(“Experiences with Moenkhausia lopesi and Hyphessobrycon aff. sweglesi“)
7.00 pm (CET) Stefan K. Hetz “Spritzsalmler – Gedanken und Beobachtungen zur Evolution einer Verhaltensweise” (DE)
(“Splash tetras – Thoughts and observations about the evolution of a behavioural trait”)
7.30 pm (CET)   official ending and open end

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