RG Northern Bavaria: Cories in Northern Bavaria

On July 16th of the running year, the Northern Bavaria Regional Group met at the SV Unterreichenbach Sports restaurant for a lecture by Corydoras specialist Erik SCHILLER.

The topic of the lecture was “Forgotten Corydoras“.

Erik took us on a trip to Southamerica and introduced us to some Corydoras and Aspodoras species of which some are almost forgotten nowadays: Corydoras axelrodi, Corydoras sp. “CW 21”, Corydoras aeneus Peru/var Albino/var black and their breeding lines.

Erik also introduced us more detailed to the following species: Corydoras paleatus, Megalechis thoracata and Callichthys callichthys. He added the first import and when/who bred them the first. As well as the correct keeping conditions (temperature / water parameters / tank size / hiding places / spawning stimulation). We were able to benefit from Erik’s wealth of experience.

In addition to the presentation of the above-mentioned species, some of the participants digressed and shared their expeditions and experiences with us. Personally, I am fascinated what experiences and stories of the journeys I have heard here. With what dedication and passion, the participants showed in their search for certain species. Simply fascinating and inspiring.

Unfortunately, more and more species are becoming extinct due to environmental influences and mankind. But that is another topic.

Many thanks to Erik SCHILLER for the great lecture.

Text: Christian RUIU – Bilder: Erik SCHILLER/Ingo SEIDEL

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