Successful breeding of Baryancistrus xanthellus

At the 1st International L-Number-Days in 2009, Johannes LEUENBERGER reported for the first time on the successful reproduction of the ever-popular “golden nugget”. In the following years, aquarists tried again and again, but mostly unsuccessfully. Until 2021, when the Bellenz Fish Farm was able to report another success. The Bellenz Fish Farm is known for outstanding breeding successes (Scobinancistrus aureatus, L 368, Pseudacanthicus spp. etc.) and has already lectured about this at numerous IG BSSW events. Continue reading

RG Nordbayern: Harnischwelsbiotope des Rio Xingu

Am 17. Mai 2014 traf sich die Regionalgruppe Nordbayern zum Vortrag “Harnischwelsbiotope des Rio Xingu” von Andreas Tanke. Der Vortrag war, mit insgesamt 18 Teilnehmern, sehr gut besucht.

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