RG Nordbayern: Meeting in February 2016

We managed to convince our token Austrian, Hannes Doppermann, to give a lecture during the second meeting of the year of the Northern Bavarian regional group. He did talk about one of his numerous trips. The presentation “Rainy Season in French Guyana” wowed old and young.

32 participated in the meeting to listen to Hannes’ travel report. The head of the regional group was particularly excited to see new attendees. But of course, the frequent participants and friends shall not remain unrecognized. Also, aside from the lecture, several Styrofoam boxes with fish were exchanged, as usual.

Most primarily attended for the lecture. The report contained numerous pictures of habitats as well as several videos (those beging curious can find the shown introduction here), both presenting valuable and highly interesting information for the participants. The flowing speed of most water bodies is almost always underestimated. The result tends to be comparatively low currents in the aquarium. Changing water levels were another topic that was discussed, yet another topic that trends to be underestimated.

Hannes also told some humorous anecdotes on living and traveling in South America. He has a wealth of experience a lot of us can potentially benefit from for future trips.

The highlight of the presentation on French Guyana most certainly was the collection and the stunning pictures of the Corydoras: Corydoras geoffroy – type species of the genus and somewhat unusual at the same time. On all accounts, however, “fascinating”!

Just like with Erik SCHILLER, the appetite for lectures was not satisfied, and fortunately Hannes happened to have an additional lecture about his recent trip to Venezuela with him. It thus continued in the same way. Additional useful information on the trip as well as the habitats were presented and several collection techniques were shown. This was particularly interesting for Hannes’ latest addition to his place collection, Hypancistrus sp. “L 474”, which he collected himself.

The two lectures provided a wealth of topics to discuss and thus many an enthusiast decided to stay at the new location, which appears to be a good new “home” for the regional group. In the very early hours, though we had to part and return home. The thirst for conversation with like-minded people was quenched, but the excitement for the upcoming meetings is already burning.

Bildautoren: Christian DRESEL & Hannes DOPPERMANN

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